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Today’s eco-cars are divided into five main categories:

  • solar
  • electric
  • Air car
  • hydrogen
  • biofuel-powered

This article will primarily serve to explain each of these categories.

Solar Cars

In the solar cars, the sunlight is converted into electric current through a solar panel (a set of photovoltaic cells). Generally, these vehicles can do about 3000 km with solar energy equivalent to that contained in 5 liters of natural fuel, and reach speeds of 160km / h. The construction of such vehicles is taken into account in terms of need for high efficiency as well as the best use of the body for placement of such solar panels. Nowadays it is totally normal vehicles, fed to sunlight.

Electrical Cars

Electric cars are called EV (Electric Vehicle), and vehicles are moved through an electric motor. Due to its high efficiency, can be used not only for transporting people as well as to make the transport of items and supplies. These differ from the normal vehicles, mainly by using an electric propulsion system and not the solutions commonly used in internal combustion engines. These vehicles use rechargeable batteries where chemical energy is converted into electricity to power the motor and make the vehicle move.

Air Cars








Moved to Hydrogen

Hydrogen is present in the constitution of our atmosphere, and use this gas as fuel for your car is like if you were using a feature that almost inexhaustible power to drive your car. Besides its value is lower than fossil fuels, is far better for the atmosphere and in reducing this pollution. However hydrogen vehicles are still very little income, but with changes in technology and vehicles that will change quickly and can use the hydrogen to move your vehicle safely.

Moved to Biofuel

Biofuels are any fuel of biological origin, ie, non-fossil origin. These fuels are produced in larger amounts than its production, so it is an excellent solution for use in your car. Unlike other green solutions, biofuels produce some pollution, but it is a pollution from plants so the pollution is a much smaller scale.