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There are several reasons that could lead you to buy an electric car (or scooter).  Depending on your way of thinking, this new philosophy of everyday moving should be based on two fundamental principles. The first one is related to a strictly ecologic aspect: in a short time, when fossil fuels will become scarce, this kind of car will be necessary. We cannot afford ourselves the luxury to pollute for only quite short transfers like those of every day (home-school-work- etc.). We have got the responsibility to introduce as few carbon dioxide (CO2) as possible in the atmosphere.
Second, but not least, is the economic aspect. Have you ever thought about how much your second car weighs on your yearly economic budget?
How many ckilometers do you cover daily with this car? Do you know the driving range of an electric car?
Try to think about it after reading some short comments here below.

Sparing on consumption

An electric car can cover 120 km with only 1.50 € of electric current; if we consider an yearly average distance of 15.000 km we can reduce our costs up to only 190 €/year.

Freedom of movement

Pay parkings are free for all electric cars.

Stop to queues

Chance to use all fast tracks in town


From 110 to 200 km driving range depending on the model (for cars)
From 30 to 120 km driving range depending on the model (for scooters)
With only one recharge.


The electric engine is built to run for millions km. Buying an electric car is an investment for the future.
If the suggested maintenance is made regularly, your grandchildren will have the chance to receive this car as a present.

Recharging time

Normal:  6 to 8 hours Fast: ½ hour


The only thing to take care of is to change the batteries after about 500 recharges.  An electric engine is not subject to all failures that occur in piston engines, whether in petrol, diesel or LPG engines,   because in its conception it does not have components that are subject to constant and violent frictions.  The power supply comes out from the batteries and is directly connected to the drive shaft.
Everything is very simple and immediate.

Ecology – Clean energy

The electric car does not emit any type of noise or exhaust gas with the consequent production of particulates dangerous for health. The electric engine does nor need exhausted oils for lubricating.
No toxic waste has to be disposed after using it.  On the other hand, electric batteries can be regenerated.

Buying incentives

50% insurance costs reduction
Car property tax exemtpion for 5 years.


E-ACTION has accepted a challenge for the future. All market estimates forecast that in less than ten years most cars in our cities will be electric vehicles.